Viadeo for Outlook

Access your Viadeo network right from your mailbox

Outlook Social Connector is an add-on for Outlook that retrieves information about your Viadeo contacts without leaving your mailbox.This add-on will make your life easier.Just download the free file, install it and that's it!

Export your Viadeo Contacts
You'll find your Viadeo contacts in a special Outlook Contacts folder called "Viadeo"
For each contact, you'll see their:
  • name and photo
  • job title
  • company
  • email address
  • link to their full Viadeo profile
News from your Viadeo network feeds directly into Outlook

In one click, see all the news from your Viadeo network.

Widen your network.
Are there people you email regularly
that you'd like to invite to join your Viadeo network?

Add them directly to your Viadeo network without leaving Outlook

Help installing
You need Outlook 2003 or later for this add-on to work.
Close Outlook
Download file
Double Click/Open the file
Follow the instructions
When you next open Outlook, you'll be prompted for your Viadeo log-in details to sync your Outlook mailbox with your Viadeo account
Once you've done this, you'll be able to access all of the new features right from your mailbox.