1. Object

FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS collects personal data of Members registered on Viadeo in order to ensure the proper management of their account and provide subscribed services

This Privacy Policy reflects the commitments made by FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS, in accordance with current legislation, regarding personal data and the protection of privacy.

2. Definition

Personal data collected from Members are data that allow identifying him as an individual, in a direct or indirect way.

The "Service" is outlined in the General Terms and Conditions.

3. Data collected

3.1 Data provided by Members

The Registration Form allows web users who want to do so, to register on the website in order to benefit from the Service, by communicating to FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS some personal data as their first name, last name and email address.

It is also possible for the web users that they pre-fill-in the registration form in an automatic way by using their Facebook or Google+ account. In this case, FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS will have access to some of the data available on those social networks including their first name, last name, email address, phone number, address book, date of birth, profile picture. The mandatory or facultative purpose of communicating the requested data information is mentioned in the Form at each information collect area. In the case when the information is mandatory, the registration will be cancelled if the information is not fulfilled.

After registering on Viadeo, the Member is invited to complete his profile for it is the purpose of the service. In this context, the Member can be lead to communicating other data, personal or not, such as their phone number, professional pathway, experiences, trainings, hobbies or professional abilities.

The services provided by FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS allow Members to develop their professional network and to find professional opportunities by sharing their professional information with the rest of the world. Most of the information provided by Members is thus data that they wish to make public through the Viadeo site. In most cases, the services provided by FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS require the disclosure of information provided by Members, but confidentiality may be maintained where appropriate. Public information is disseminated globally and instantly. Consequently, many search engines can access public information which is immediately communicated to a wide range of users and services. Therefore, Members are urged to carefully select the information they wish to make public through FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS by setting up their account under "Confidentiality".

3.2 Data collected by FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS

FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS collects Internet protocol (IP) addresses from Members when browsing the Viadeo site. An IP address refers to an identification number assigned to a computer by an Internet Service Provider when connected to the Internet. Typically, an IP address changes every time an Internet user connects to the Internet (this is a "dynamic" address). However, in the case of a connection with a wide bandwidth, the collected IP address may include information that can be identified. Indeed, with some broadband connections the IP address does not change (it is "static"), and is therefore likely to be associated with a personal computer. FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS uses the collected IP addresses to identify general usage information in order to improve the user experience on the site and to meet legal obligations.

In addition, FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS also uses cookies to collect navigation information, member preferences, etc. Members are encouraged to consult the Cookies Policy.

FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS servers automatically record information created when using Viadeo services ("session information"). Session information may include data such as the type and version of the Member's browser, operating system, IP address, reference domain, visited pages, and search terms. Other actions, such as clicking on an ad, can also be included in session information.

4. Security

FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS shows a great attention about protection and confidentiality of the personal data given by the Members and sets the necessary technical arrangements that guarantees their security, including the use of the “HTTPS” protocole. Thereby, FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS watches for these personal data collected via the Website not to be lost, diverted, consulted, changed, or disclosed by non-authorised third parties.

5. Use and transmission of data

By registering and using the services provided by FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS, Members unequivocally agree that their profile information is collected, transferred, manipulated, stored, disclosed or otherwise used as described in this Privacy Policy.

FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS collects legally and loyally the personal data from Members in the scope of the Site usage and service providing. Therefore, they can be used by FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS for this purpose.

Thereby, the Member is informed that his personal data might be used by FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS especially: In order to suggest him new contacts based on those data he has given. In order for him to be contacted by recruiters, or project holders in the scope of Viadeo Freelance. In order to display him with targeted ads that are corresponding with his hobbies. Or in order to send him newsletters about his network. All of this made in the respect of the confidentiality rules established by the Member.

FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS does not communicate the personal data of Members to third parties, except for the data found on each Member's public profile, in accordance with the Member's determined parameterization and to the purpose of the Site and Service, and of those cases where the communication of such data is required by applicable laws, particularly at the request of the legal authorities.

6. Collected data hosting

Personal data communicated by the Member are stocked by FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS on their servers located in the United States, on purpose for their treatment in the usage of the Service.

FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS has chosen the mechanism of standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission in order to officer the personal data transfer out of the European Union. They goal for European citizens is to guarantee a sufficient level of confidentiality and security as far as their personal data is concerned.

7. Right of access, rectification and deletion of data collected

The Member has the right to access, change, or to delete his own personal information treated via the Site, as well as the right to say he is opposed to the communication of this data to a third party if he has fair grounds.

The Member has also the right to define guidelines concerning the protection of personal data after death. In the case of general guidelines concerning all personal data, they may be registered with a trusted third party certified by the National Commission on Informatics and Civil Liberties. In the case of specific guidelines concerning the personal data collected by FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS, these are registered with the latter.

The Member can exercise these rights by writing to the following email address or to the mailing address : FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS, 14 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris.

However this access can be refused to him according to cases provided for by law.

8. Preservation of collected data

The personal data communicated by the member are destroyed six (6) years after their last date of connection on the Site or at the end of the contract.

Members are informed that some data might be kept after their account has been cancelled in accordance with the legal obligations FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS has.

FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS invites the Members to go read the Help section about “Confidentiality and Personal Data”.

9. Transfer of Activity

In accordance with Article 11 of Viadeo’s General Terms and Conditions, Members are informed that FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS may assign or transfer its activity to any entity capable of providing Members with an equivalent Service. If applicable, FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS shall request the transferee to process the personal data of the Members in accordance with this Privacy Policy and more generally in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Date of last modification: 24 January 2017