Specific Terms of Use for the Viadeo Mobile Application

The following specific terms of use (hereafter "Specific Terms”) govern the relationship between:

the FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS company, operating under French law, with headquarters at 14 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, makers of the Viadeo Application,

The company FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS, a limited company with a capital of 6,974,118 euros, registered to Paris Trade and Companies Register under the number B 431 373 471 whose registered office is 14 Boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris, represented by its legal representative domiciled in such capacity at the said registered office and operating the Viadeo Application.


on the one hand,


the users of the VIADEO application for mobile communication terminals (hereafter "VIADEO Application” or "Application”), as identified by themselves during their registration and account creation on the website at www.viadeo.com,

hereafter, individually or collectively, referred to as "Member” or "Members”,

on the other hand.

1/ The VIADEO Application offers Members, once downloaded, access to the functionality of the www.viadeo.com website (hereinafter referred to as "the Site") via mobile electronic communications terminals such as smartphones or tablets (this specific access is hereinafter referred to as "The Service").

The VIADEO Application is only accessible to Members of the Site who have acknowledged the membership conditions defined in article 1.1 of the General Terms of Use of the Site and who have agreed to abide by those terms unreservedly. The Specific Terms of Use contained herein supplement the General Terms of Use of the Site (hereafter referenced jointly as "**Contractual Documents”), all of which constitutes a contractual agreement by which Members must abide when using the VIADEO Application. If a Member refuses to abide by any of the obligations and conditions contained within the present Terms, or in other Contractual Documents, they must not access or use the VIADEO Application.

2/ Acceptance of the these Specific Terms indicates that the Member recognizes FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS’s intellectual property rights over the VIADEO Application and agrees to respect them.

FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS grants to the Member, a non-exclusive, personal, non-assignable, and non-transferable license, allowing him to use the Application and the Service, as well as the information they contain, exclusively on the mobile communication terminal (i.e., smartphone or tablet) on which the Application was installed (hereafter "Equipment”), for his professional use, and strictly for his own use, in accordance with the Contractual Documents, and, in particular, in accordance with the purpose of the Application and Service (hereby referred to as "License”). Any other uses of the Application, the Service, their content, and specifically, the information they contain, are excluded from this License, and can be carried out only with prior written consent from FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS. Specifically, any reproduction, any communication or transmission, in whole or in part, of the Application in any form (source code or object code, compiled or not), beyond the initial installation on the Member’s Equipment after acceptance by Member of these Specific Terms, as well as any extraction or reuse, beyond the Application’s normal usage, of the data contained within the Application and/or Service, is strictly prohibited to the Member and requires FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS’s prior expressed approval.

3/ In order to provide the Service, and in accordance with the purpose of the Application, the Member grants to FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS a non-exclusive license to use the content and the data that he will enter and/or upload via the Application, in conditions identical to those stipulated to in article 5.2 of the General Terms of Use of the Site.

The Member also accepts that FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS collect the entirety of the data necessary to the use of the VIADEO Application, specifically of his personal information, the information on the equipment used to connect, their telephone carrier, their Internet Service Provider, and if need be, their mobile phone number and/or their IP address.

4/ The Member acknowledges having the aptitude and the necessary means to access, and use, the Application.

Access to, and use of, the Application require the following minimum set-up: a mobile communication terminal, with any of the following OS, to upload the VIADEO Application: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, an Internet connection.

The Equipment, and other means to access the Application and Service, as well as the entirety of telecommunication costs required for their use, are the Member’s exclusive responsibility.